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Condition Monitoring Systems

Metron are an independent provider of condition monitoring systems. We have close affiliations with a number of providers to ensure that we can advise you and provide you the best tool for your particular application. We can also provide comprehensive support for the majority of systems available for oil & gas applications.

In addition to installation and management services, we also provide detailed operator, engineer and administrator training for all systems as part of our blended learning training courses.

Pruftechnik Condition Monitoring Systems

We have extensive experience in setting up and managing data collection, analysis and reporting elements of Omnitrend, both web and standalone versions. We are the only business who can integrate all collected data with 3rd party systems including OSIsoft PI.

GE Condition & Vibration Monitoring

We can provide independent support for your System1 application (all versions inc v16.1) including software and database administration, user support and training.
We can provide this with routine monitoring and protection system hardware support.

Emerson CSi

We can provide support to setup your CSi devices and configure AMS machinery manager, ensuring integration with your DCS. We have performed detailed scientific investigation in to wireless applications in oil & gas applications resulting in an ability to deploy wireless CSi devices effectively.

SKF Condition Monitoring Systems

We can support a broad range of SKF and devices and software including SKF Multilog & handheld devices, DEI software and DI data collectors. We can provide support for older devices, including managing a seamless migration to alternative or later model SKF data collectors allowing you to leverage the speed and additional functionality of modern devices.