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Maintenance & Reliability

Maintenance Support

At Metron we understand the value of getting things right. Good systems, planning and strategy are all essential to ensure plant uptime and maximise availability.

Our Maintenance Engineering programme is built on a strong combination of practical experience and sound theoretical knowledge. We have the tools and skills to optimise your existing programme or build you a new one from scratch.

Asset Register

Maintenance Systems


Work preparation/Scheduling

Maintenance Strategy

Reliability Engineering

Reliability Engineering underpins everything that we do at Metron. We have a diverse team of reliability engineers with foundations in electrical, instrumentation and mechanical engineering.

We recognise that clarity on the causes of equipment downtime and unavailability is essential if world class uptime is to be achieved and maintenance costs are to be minimised. Metron have the skills, tools and expertise to manage your reliability needs.

Reliability Assessment

Learning from Incidents

Reliability Modelling

Safety Engineering

Safety and Reliability engineering go hand in hand. Effective safety and risk management systems have the dual benefit of increasing operating efficiency and therefore are very good for business.

Metron understand this and our engineers can create or improve your safety systems, registers and documentation in line with legislation and best practice.

Learning from Incidents

Safety Assessment

Safety Documentation